World Tai Chi Day

Did you know that there was a World Tai Chi Day? Well… Neither did I. I was fortunate to find this information a couple weeks before and was able to go. Though I work in the area, it was still mentally suitable to make the trip up to Bryant Park on a Saturday.

I was able to observe Tai Chi, the ancient art of slow motion Kung Fu. The demonstration took place at the north west end of the park, near the fountain. I watched 2 sets artists move with such strength from their hands to their feet. One showed a variety of tai chi techniques using different types of defense items, the other performed a continuous set of traditional Tai Chi moves and techniques.

I participated in one of the demonstrations with a couple other courageous volunteers, very basic. Apparently the first set of moves that we learned cannot be fully mastered for about three months, and that’s just the up and down movement of the hands with proper posture. Talk about dedication and patience. By the end, I felt great- calm, with a clear mind and still body- coordinating with how I was told I would feel. I wasn’t told that I was going to be aching in places I didn’t know could ache afterwards.

A beautiful Saturday mid-afternoon with a full range of body movements and a touch exploration into the Asian Culture.

World Tai Chi Day | April 27

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